YouTube SEO

Every One Wants their Video in First Page so They Can Get Best Conversations, So you have to SEO your Channel and Video, i am writing The Post to Explain Step by Step for Newbies

All you Need is to find Your Niche, After You Niche is Ready, Now you have to Create a New youtube account , or Login To your YouTube Account

Now You could See Like This

Click On " My Channel "

 Click on "OK,I'm Ready To Continue"

Now Again Click On " YouTube Settings "

Click On " Advanced "

click on " Create Custom URL " and Enter you Niche ( if PPD use) ( i am explaining for PPD so i am Taking a Niche as an Example "Torchlight II" )
Channel Created

Now Click on your Channel or click on " My channel " located on Top Right

you can see that Your Channel, Now Click On " Edit " and enter your Information in It and save it

That's It You Completed an SEO optimized Channel !( Remember you should upload HD Quality Videos and you have to get more subscribes, likes and Views to Boost you in Video SEO)


How to Make a Simple Fake Keygen

Making Fake Key gens Is the Well Known PPD method To get Some Good Conversations ,

To Start you need have Visual Basic Express ( You Can download it Free From Torrentz )

Step 1 : Open Visual Basic Express ( I have Visual Basic Express 2010 )
 Then Click On New Project

Now You Have To Click On " Windows Forums Application " Then Click " OK "

Now a New Window Will Open as its default Name Forum.vb

You can See Tool Box and a Forum1.vb

 Now Select " TextBox " From Toolbar and Then Drag a Box in " Form1.vb " 

Now you have to Select " Button from Toolbar and then drat it on " Form1.vb " ,Then it will Look Like This

Now Double Click On " Button 1 "

The Copy The Code:

Dim Key As Integer
        Key = (Rnd() * 5)

            Select Key
            Case 1
                TextBox1.Text = "SOMETHING HERE"

            Case 2
                TextBox1.Text = " SOMETHING HERE "

            Case 3
                TextBox1.Text = " SOMETHING HERE "

            Case 4
                TextBox1.Text = " SOMETHING HERE "

            Case 5
                TextBox1.Text = " SOMETHING HERE "
        End Select


It Should Look Like This

, That's It You've Created Very Simple KeyGen ! Press " F5 " Test it !

Save It with your Name